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Feed In Tariff

The old system where when you bought electricity at around 13p/kWh and when you sold it back got around 5p/kWh (depending on supplier) meant that only the truly "green" would install it. However the argument has been totally turned on his head by the Government's changes to the Feed in Tariff which came into effect on 1st April 2010. The changes will certainly apply to you and to anyone else who invests right now.

The changes have brought us more in line with the rest of Europe and in particular Germany who have had such a system for years. There are two elements to "earning" on your system, one, firstly, you get paid for everything you generate whether you use it or not and secondly you save on energy you generate and use. This is different to the old system where it depending whether you use it or sold it back. Under the new system, you could use NO electricity and still make money! As well as this change where you get paid for TOTAL generation, the amount you get has gone up from around 5p/kWh to 43.3p/kWh!

A 2kW system will produce around 1600kWh pa

1600kWh x £0.433 Total Generation Income = £692.80 (the 43.3p is index linked until 2035 - it was increased by 4.8% in April 2011)

800kWh x £0.13 saving from not using energy from grid = £104.00. In this example we’ve assumed you only use half of what you generate, it is entirely possible you would use all of it and of course this will go up with electricity prices)

800kWh x £0.031, half is deemed to be exported = £24.80 (it’s not measured, for small systems no export meter is fitted, it’s “deemed" or assumed half is exported) Combined generation/saving £821.60 which will increase as electricity prices go up (the good bit is, to give you 43.3p/kWh, the electricity companies have increased the prices to all customers, so everyone else is paying for your system!)

This is an example, to find out more enter your details in “Get a Free Survey" opposite.

Those returns will only rise as electricity prices increase, so in terms of an investment are difficult to beat, that's on top of the warm fuzzy feeling you get when generating your own electricity!

Your PV installation will be carried out in-house using MCS Certified Products and an MCS Certificated Installer who will complete the final connections, testing and commissioning which will give your system its MCS Certification and its qualification for the Feed in Tariff.

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